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Research shows that HAPPY Employees ARE Productive Employees. They:Laughter sessions

  •  work better with Colleagues, Managers and Customers
  • are more Creative
  • fix Problems, instead of Complaining about them
  • have more Energy and are therefore more Efficient
  • have a more Positive Mindset
  • get Sick less often
  • make Better Decisions and are better able to Prioritise their work
  • learn Faster
  • are More Motivated, and therefore … MORE PRODUCTIVE!

forbes final2That’s a Margin too Big to Ignore!


The Laughter Wellness Programme, strategically designed for Corporate Companies, is a SUPER FUN, Laugh a Minute …

  • Health Promotion
  • Stress Management &
  • Happiness Development Programme.

It uses simulated Laughter techniques to enhance your employees overall Well-being, by targeting the FOUR main areas of Health: Physical, Mental, Emotional and Social Health – into ONE Super FUN  Session. Guaranteed to have participants Shrieking, Howling and Roaring with LOL Chuckles and Giggles!

‘Laughter Wellness’ is based on Scientific Fact that your body cannot distinguish between Fake Laughter and Real Laughter. This means any time you Laugh, whether simulated or real, your body releases a combination of HAPPY, Positive, Feel Good Chemicals and Hormones, called the ‘HAPPY COCKTAIL’ into your bloodstream. Scientific studies, reports and research clearly prove that this ‘HAPPY COCKTAIL’, produced by prolonged Laughter, DRAMATICALLY Improves your overall Health, Happiness and Well-being!

It is MORE than just Laughing! Super FUN and Highly Inter-active, but this is NOT Entertainment! It is a Science-based Methodology, strategically designed to Empower and Educate your employees on how to use LAUGHTER AS A TOOL, to Reduce their Stress and Tension levels, Work under Pressure, Improve their Health and Increase their HAPPINESS, by providing PRACTICAL, Take-Home Tips and Techniques they can APPLY to everyday life, AND it Produces … IMMEDIATE RESULTS!

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