Laughter WellnessThe Laughter Wellness Sessions, strategically designed for Corporate Business events, consists of Laughing Exercises, which are FUN, Tension-releasing exercises, combined with Power Clapping and a Breathing technique. ANYONE can Learn to Laugh … for No Reason at All, without Jokes or Comedy. You don’t need to be Happy or Feel Good or have a Sense of Humour to Laugh.

Laughter Wellness Sessions Includes:

  • Practical Tips and Techniques on How to APPLY what they have learnt in their Work and Home Life
  • Soft Skills Training for Stress Management (Laughter and Stress are OPPOSITES)
  • Time and Place to Laugh
  • Results Orientated / Outcomes based (Before and After Assessment Forms)
  • Education-based on how to use Laughter as a TOOL for its Benefits, not as an Emotion
  • A SUPER FUN Session EVERYONE can participate in. (Any age, culture, gender, position or title).

4 in one finalLaughter Wellness: 4-in-1 Sessions targets the FOUR areas of Health: Physical, Mental, Emotional and Social into ONE Super FUN Session!

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Physical Health: Exercise & Vitality
Laughter Wellness Sessions are a form of low impact cardio vascular exercise, also known as Laughter-cize. Research studies of Dr William Fry, at Stanford University, show that 1 minute of good belly laughter, is the same as 10 minutes on a rowing machine. Healthy employees result in less Sick days, less Absenteeism and reduced medical costs. A Laugh a Day certainly keeps the Doctor away!

Mental Health: Stress Management Techniques
Laughter is an instant Stress Buster, because Laughter and Stress are opposites! Both work by releasing chemicals into the bloodstream and counter balance each other. Laughter dramatically reduces stress and tension levels and improves Stress Coping Skills, enabling employees to work under pressure, which prevents burnout and acts as a recharge mechanism, if working long hours. Stress Reduction is one of the fastest ways to Boost workplace Performance.

Emotional Health: Positive Mind Set
Laughter is a powerful Mood Booster and so quickly makes you Feel Good that it has been described as the HAPPINESS Shock Treatment! Research shows Laughter reduces depression and negative thoughts, improves attitude, creates a positive outlook and Increases Happiness! In a recent study, reported that Happy employees were at least 50% MORE PRODUCTIVE in their jobs. That’s a margin too large to ignore!

Social Health: Team Connection
Laughter releases a Bonding chemical, which helps employees to get along with each other, despite their personality differences, thereby reducing conflict and group divisions. Employees that feel bonded and connected with each other, work effectively together as a team, and engage harmoniously with other co-workers and managers. If you can Laugh together, you can Work together.

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