Corporate Sessions


sessionsCONFERENCES Make your Conference Unforgettable – Delegates will be left feeling Energize, Happy & Wanting to Return. Increases  Conference Energy , enhances Delegate Engagement and improves Mental Alertness.

TEAM BUILDING  Create Successful, Connected and Happy Teams, who work Effectively and Harmoniously Together. Promotes Positive Team Dynamics, Improves Relationships and Communication Skills.

STRESS BUSTER Give your Employees PRACTICAL TOOLS to be able to Work under Pressure and Cope with Stress. Dramatically Reduces physical, mental and emotional Stress and improves Stress Coping Mechanisms.

WELLNESS DAYS Get Mass Attendance at your Employee Wellness Day with this Super FUN, Chuckle-filled Session. Improves Employees Health, Happiness and Fitness, lowers Blood Pressure and Boosts Energy Levels.

SALES BOOSTER Give your Sales Team the ‘Laugh & Feel Good’ Success Factor to Boost their Sales and Turnover. Energise and Motivate your Team to Improve Performance and give Excellent Customer Service.

 Duration: 45 – 60 minute Sessions.

  • Strategically designed for Corporate Companies
  • Exercises are adapted to suit the needs, abilities and motivations of the specific group participating.
  • Includes PRACTICAL Tips and Techniques on How to APPLY what they have learnt, in their Work and Home Life.
  • A Laugh-Out-Loud, Highly Enjoyable Experience EVERYONE can participate in!



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