Laughter Workshops

STRESS is too Expensive to be Ignored …

 A recent study conducted by AIC Insurance shows that Absenteeism is costing the South African economy R12 billion per year! Science shows that STRESS REDUCES performance, motivation, enthusiasm and productivity levels. This results in considerable losses to any company in the form of low productivity, absenteeism, burnout, and Stress related illnesses. The World Health Organisation says that STRESS is a major contributing factor to illness and disease! Which means the majority of your employee doctor visits, and sick days taken, are results of Stress, because Stress weakens the immune system so your body can’t fight the disease.

LAUGHTER is an instant Stress Buster, because Laughter and Stress are Opposites! Both work by releasing chemicals into the bloodstream and counter balance each other. Research shows prolonged Laughter, decreases the stress hormones, adrenaline and cortisol, and boosts the immune system. Laughter dramatically reduces stress and tension, prevents burnout and acts as a recharge mechanism, if working long hours.

 Stress Reduction is the fastest way to Boost Workplace Performance!


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People are the Heartbeat of your Business. UPSKILL your staff with a fun-filled and interactive Training and Development Workshop that makes employees feel Valued by teaching them PRACTICAL SKILLS they can Use and APPLY in their daily lives, to be able to Cope with Stress, work under Pressure and Increase their Happiness. Employees who are empowered with practical Stress Management Skills are Happier and therefore more Productive!


  • Create a HAPPY, Motivated Results Producing Teamworkshops
  • Increase Employee Productivity and Performance
  • Improve Enthusiasm, Morale and Group Dynamics
  • Stimulate Creativity and Innovation
  • Provide PRACTICAL SKILLS to Reduce Stress and Increase HAPPINESS!

 Laughter Workshops Objectives: 

  • Helping employees to enjoy their job and be Happy at Work, which leads to greater Productivity
  • Benefits of Laughter
  • Workplace Stress (Physical, Mental and Emotional), Stress Triggers and Strategies to reduce Stress
  • Once employees understand the Science behind Laughter and all the Benefits they are more inclined to practise the Techniques learnt DAILY
  • When employees are provided with the right Skills they will become more Productive, leading to greater Profitability for the Company
  • Cost Effective Soft Skills Development Training Alternative: Targets the FOUR Areas of Health into ONE Workshop
  • Results Driven and Outcome Based (Assessment Forms)
  • Most Importantly … these Workshops are SUPER FUN!

The HAPPINESS of your Employees directly effects your BOTTOM LINE!

LAUGHTER Instantly makes Employees HAPPY! Science Proves It!


  • 2 Hours to Half Day Workshops
  • Workshops are offered as an In House Option for your Organisation
  • Workshop Module Content can be Customized according to organisations specific assessment needs, aims and challenges.


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