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For Organisations that care about Performance, Retention, Sustainability and Profitability!

staff training For Organisations who would like to ..

  • Reduce their Employee Absenteeism Rate
  • Save on Company Medical Costs
  • Engage with employees who are able to Work under Pressure and Cope with Stress
  • Connect with staff who work Harmoniously with Co-workers and Managers
  • Interact with a Healthy, Energetic, Happy, Motivated and Results Producing Team!



 The ONCE OFF Laughter  Sessions and Workshops are Super FUN, and participants feel Fantastic, Happy, Inspired and Motivated afterwards. It produces Immediate Results and the Effects last long after the event, with many participants incorporating the Techniques learnt, into their work and home environments.

However, without REGULAR SESSIONS to APPLY and PRACTISE these Techniques, the Impact is short lived and, eventually, they return to their old original Habits, as REPETITION of a Behaviour and CONSISTENCY are critical to form a NEW HABIT!! Practise makes Permanent!


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The Staff Training Programme consist of REGULAR Weekly, Short Laughter Sessions, strategically designed with the AIM and OBJECTIVE to:

  • To create a New Laughter HABIT in your employees.
  • To ensure SUSTAINABLE Productivity and Performance.
  • To cultivate Employee HAPPINESS, which will lead to Long Term Business SUCCESS!

Habit Forming requires Repetition and Consistency! REGULAR Laughter Sessions, combined with Coaching and Training creates REAL Transformation, solidify’s the new Laughter Habit and strengthens Stress Coping mechanisms, enabling your team to work under pressure. The intention is to make Laughter Wellness part of your company Sub-Culture, by equipping your employees with the right Practical Tools to APPLY to Work and Home life, and Educating them about ALL the Benefits of Laughter for their Physical, Mental, Emotional and Social Health, Wellbeing and Happiness.

 The Staff Training Programme provides the Most VALUE and BENEFIT for your Employees, as it creates SUSTAINABLE TRANSFORMATION! Employees will learn Health and Happiness Tips, as well as Stress Management SKILLS to reprogrammme their automatic response to stress, through the Regular Practise of simulated Laughter Techniques, enabling them to work more productively, maintain their composure in a crisis and take better care of your organisation, leading to Long Term Organisational Success!

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That’s a Percentage Too Big to Ignore!


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 INVEST Time and Energy into creating a HAPPY TEAM and you will Reap the REWARDS!


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